Webinar Series

SARECO Webinar Series 2021 SABII and SSABDP Alumni Webinars Participating in these webinars shall assist start-ups in bridging their current status of company development and link up to their start-ups’ ecosystems. Participation is restricted to alumni of the Swiss – African Business and Innovation Initiative SABII or the Swiss – South African Business Development Program […]

COVID-19 and the “infodemic” in Africa, Switzerland and worldwide

Transparency and clarity of information is key in times of crisis. The following articles share with you initiatives observed in countries of the Swiss – African partnership or worldwide. Please do feel free to also contribute with own statements and observations in your environment and increase by that the cooperative knowledge base to combat the […]

2019 Call for African Entrepreneurs

Get your Seat to go to Switzerland! The Venturelab Advanced Workshop will take place from 25th to 27th October 2019 in Addis Ababa. The Swiss – Africa Business Innovation Initiative (SABII) aims to boost the entrepreneurial know-how and exposure of Sub-Saharan Africa graduate-student-entrepreneurs seeking growth opportunities by offering a unique program bringing entrepreneurs to innovation […]

Season’s Greetings 2019

SARECO send’s you Season’s Greetings and wishes you a Happy New Year! We thank all our partners for their valuable inputs and inspiration and look forward to another year of co-creative science and innovation partnerships! The Swiss-African Research Cooperation SARECO is running an online platform to inform early career scientists, educators and entrepreneurial innovators about […]

Research: Medication that you can wear

Drug equipped polymer fibers Medication you can wear Oct 11, 2018 | ANDREA SIX Drug-releasing textiles could, for instance, be used to treat skin wounds. Empa researchers are currently developing polymer fibers that can be equipped with drugs. The smart fibers recognize the need for therapy all by themselves and dose the active ingredients with […]