COVID-19 and the “infodemic” in Africa, Switzerland and worldwide

Transparency and clarity of information is key in times of crisis. The following articles share with you initiatives observed in countries of the Swiss – African partnership or worldwide. Please do feel free to also contribute with own statements and observations in your environment and increase by that the cooperative knowledge base to combat the COVID-19 virus.

Stay Safe!


The Aggregator 2020 –
Start-up vs Covid-19 Matchmaking Competition

The African and European tech hubs (Incubateur Descartes – France, Technoport SA – Luxembourg, INNOVUS – South Africa, and AfriLabs – pan-African network of innovation hubs) have joined forces with Indian incubators in the Europe-India Innovation Partnership network, and launched a call for application called the molecular start-up initiative – International Start-up vs Covid-19 Matchmaking Competition between Europe, Africa and India. This competition is designed to identify, reward and promote innovative start-up and SMEs interested in expanding to Europe, India or Africa, to be matched to each other and join forces to become a molecular-startup. A molecular start-up is an association of different start-ups to form only one. The main goal is to increase their growth and give them many opportunities on the international market. The selected start-ups will be matched based on having the same maturity in terms of development, similar or complementary products or services, or same targeted market!


Inoculating against the ‘infodemic’ in Africa
WHO Uganda / Bakano Otto / 05 March 2020v

eLearning for Tourism during the time of Coronavirus
MOOCs, eLearning programs about tourist destinations, games and publications from USI

HSRC announces public survey to assess awareness of Covid-19 among South Africans
Dept. Science and Innovation ZA, Pretoria, 17 March 2020

Research needed into COVID-19 in South Africa
Dept. Science and Innovation ZA, Pretoria

Measures on Higher Education and Training in South Africa
Dept. Science and Innovation ZA, Pretoria, 30 March 2020

COVID-19 has put HE internationalisation under review
Univeryity World News / Samia Chasi / 09 April 2020

Forscheralltag in Zeiten von Corona
(Article in German)
Der Standard / 13 April 2020

CovidTech.Africa – The African Tech Ecosystem Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
In these extraordinary times, the African Innovation Community is faced with unique challenges that threaten to slow down the progress made over the years. More than before, the call for collaboration has never been this pressing and we need to come together to forge our way through this crisis. This platform is work in progress, so do you have resources and content we should add? Please let us know and how you want to volunteer with us to make it happen.


University World News
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Top Stories 7 – 13 April 2020 by University World News:

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