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Currently there is no bilateral R&D cooperation project running by Innosuisse between Switzerland and an African Country.

International research skills for your project

Some innovation projects are so complex that they can only be carried out with the help of highly specialised research institutions. If the necessary research skills are not available in Switzerland, you can get help from foreign research institutions with the help of the CTI.Do you intend to carry out a joint innovation project with a company but you know that you need additional expertise from a foreign research institution? As the leading research institution in a bilateral research and development project, you can make use of research expertise from abroad to carry out your complex innovation project.

Criteria for involving a foreign research institution

The following criteria must be met for bilateral R&D projects:

  • You work at a university research institute or a non-commercial research institute outside the higher education sector (List of research institutions participating in CTI projects (PDF, 91 kB, 28.12.2016)).
  • You would like to work on an innovation project with a Swiss company and intend to submit an R&D project to the CTI.
  • You must show that the foreign research partner has expertise not otherwise available to the Swiss partner.
  • The Swiss research institution for which you work must head the project; the majority of the research work must be done in Switzerland. The larger part of the CTI funding must go to your research institution.
  • The research partnership must promise to benefit both your research institution and that of your research partner.

How to submit an application for a bilateral R&D project

The CTI accepts bilateral application-oriented innovation projects on all research-based innovation topics under the conditions mentioned. The following steps must be followed in addition to the regular application process:
Application submissions from 2017On 16 November 2016 the Federal Council approved the amendment of the funding regulations (see press release (in German)). From January 2017 the CTI will reimburse indirect costs (overheads) incurred by research institutions in a uniform manner. From 1 January 2017 project applications may only be submitted using the revised form.



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