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The MEETAfrica programme participates in the creation of job, wealth and innovation through the transfer of how-know from members of the African diasporas graduated from Germany and France to countries of origin.

Through this programme, the consortium including Expertise France, Campus France, the IRD and the GIZ aims at the following goals:

  •  Support projects of company creation designed by members the African diaspora trained or living in France or Germany
  • Improve the capacities of partner countries to technically support projects of company creation with high added value
  •  Design an integrated European scheme of support to the creation of innovative companies by members of African diasporas

The MEETAfrica programme will also contribute to:

  • Boost innovation in Southern countries through scientific improvement of teams in the South by collaboration agreements for support projects;
  • Develop synergies between players from the public/institutional sector of innovation in the North and South, and the higher education and financial sector to help business projects succeed;
  • Contribute to developing the spirit of entrepreneurship among African graduates trained in France and Germany.

Support to Projects by Campus France

After the call for projects 2016, the selection committee selected 80 projects of company creation in the fields of food industry, environment, renewable energies, health and new technologies.

The winners benefit from support to improve their project of company creation through the action of entities specialised in issues in relation with entrepreneurship in France/Germany and in countries of implementation of the projects.

Campus France supervises the support of 20 projects of company creation designed by African graduates from higher education and should be implemented in Cameroon, Mali and Senegal.

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