Research project grants on humanities – /social – /library science in Namibia and southern Africa


Projects and events are always considered vis-à-vis the structures supported by the Carl Schlettwein Foundation, and, whenever possible, should involve the infrastructure of the Basler Afrika Bibliographien.

Further details available at Project funding / Research and documentation.

There is no entitlement to obtain Foundation resources. The decisions of the Board are incontestable.

Applications may be submitted at two times during the year. The submission deadlines are 28 February and 30 September, respectively. Applications are typically processed and decided upon by the Board of Trustees within 6–8 weeks of the submission deadline.

Applications are processed provided the documents adhere to the  Guidelines for projects  and are received in full by the submission deadline.


The project must have a focus on Namibia or southern Africa.
The project must relate to the humanities or have a library science or archival emphasis.

The following areas are not eligible for support

Travel expenses
Field-based research or studies
Production of publications
Ex post funding of ongoing or recently completed projects

Funding agreements

In the event of funding, the accompanying funding agreement will include the following points, at minimum:

The support of the Carl Schlettwein Foundation shall be suitably indicated in any and all event announcements, messages, documents and reports.
The Carl Schlettwein Foundation shall reserve the right to highlight its support in media of its choice.
Two copies of any and all event announcements, messages, documents and reports shall be provided free of charge to the Carl Schlettwein Foundation with the understanding that they will be made freely accessible in the library and archive of the Basler Afrika Bibliographien.
Copies of research results shall be made available to the archive of the Basler Afrika Bibliographien.

Milestones and payment frequency

In the case of longer-term, comprehensive projects, sensible milestones shall be defined to provide the basis for reporting to the Carl Schlettwein Foundation and for the payment schedule.

Typically, roughly 10% of the funding contribution is disbursed following completion of the project.

Project completion

Usually, a final report shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees upon completion of the project. It will include the following points, at minimum:

A detailed final report for internal use by the Foundation
A final accounting
A publication-ready summary for online use, including images and required usage rights



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