SECO Start-up Fund (SSF)


The SSF is an initiative by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO.

Its objective is to provide loans for start-up projects of Swiss entrepreneurs or enterprises in emerging economies.


SSF Offerings:

  1. Loans for:
    • Start-up business projects in emerging economies.
    • Financing the initial expansion phase of companies in these economies.
  2. The target audience is investors residing in Switzerland.
  3. Projects must be commercially viable. SSF does not fund feasibility studies, pilots, or prototype development.
  4. Loans should adhere to environmental and social standards.
  5. Loan limits:
    • Maximum two-thirds of the investment costs in the target country.
    • Up to twice the amount invested by the borrower.
    • Maximum CHF 500,000.
  6. Loan to be repaid within 7 years.


  1. Long-term financing with manageable interest rates.
  2. No ownership dilution.
  3. Unsecured loan, preserving potential for additional bank financing.
  4. Independent evaluation of business plans by SSF’s Expert Committee.
  5. Access to Swiss networks in the SSF target countries.


  1. Commercially viable companies in start-up or expansion phase, operating in a target country for up to 6 years.
  2. Investors can be individuals or businesses. At least one borrower should be a Swiss resident.
  3. Proof of sound financial status and a positive reputation.
  4. Projects should yield measurable developmental outcomes.
  5. Investors should demonstrate adequate financial resources and management capabilities.
  6. SSF loan should be pivotal to the project’s realization.
  7. Adherence to environmental and social standards is mandatory.

Contact: FINANCEcontact Ltd., Gutenbergstrasse 6, CH- 8002 Zürich.



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