SNSF Project Funding


Project funding can be requested by applicants who receive a salary from their home institution but who still need additional funds to carry out their research project. The applicants’ own salaries are not covered by the project funding scheme.

Research in all disciplines

Project funding is aimed at experienced researchers working in Switzerland who wish to obtain funding for a project of their own. The research topic can be chosen freely.

With its project funding scheme, the Swiss National Science Foundation enables researchers to independently conduct research projects with topics and goals of their own choice.

Applicants can apply for funding of research costs and staff salaries, as well as of scientific cooperation, networking and communication; however, they may not apply for their own salaries.

The funding period ranges from one to four years, with grants starting at CHF 50,000 (minimum amount). The SNSF recommends that researchers focus on one project and plan it for a four-year period.

Deadlines are always  on 8 April and 1 October recurring.
17.00 Swiss local time



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Current Research
South African Cropland Dust Emission Risks: Physical Thresholds, Environmental and Socio-Economic Patterns

Dust emission is a growing issue affecting soil mass losses, ecosystem services, public health, and climate change. Understanding dust emission dynamics originating from farming in drylands is crucial not only to prepare and respond to the aforemention …

Ageing, Agency and Health in Urbanizing Tanzania

Project Management: Brigit Obrist; Obrist van Eeuwijk Persons involved Sandra Staudacher; Andrea Patricia Grolimund; Piet Van Eeuwijk Period Start: 01. Apr 2012 End 31. Jan 2016 Description The project ‘Ageing, Agency and Health in Urbanizing Tanzania’ …

Thematic Focus
Agriculture, Biodiversity and Sustainability, Digital Communication / ICTs, Governance and Accountability, Knowledge Production and Transfer, Life Sciences and Health, Mobility and Migration, Peace and Security


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Allowed Usage
Research, Publication

Applicant’s Position
PostDoc, Researcher, Consortium

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Repeated twice per year

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15. April 2020