Social Science Grants


CODESRIA offers a range of funding programs from MA to Post-Doc Level:

Small Grants Programme

Encourage the continued development of the Social Science Research in Africa.

Launched in 1988, the program of small grants for thesis writing in African institutions is a `foster the continued development of the Social Science Research in Africa, meeting the basic needs of African researchers to enable them to perform their fieldwork, but also provides winners bibliographies, textbooks and journals.

The Council also provides support in methods and research methodologies

South-South Scholarships

Potentially discontinued. Please check the Link for current calls.

Advanced Research Fellowship Programme

The CODESRIA Advanced Research Fellowship Programme is designed to contribute to the reinforcement and promotion of a culture of concentrated and extended reflection among African scholars. It is particularly targeted at a younger generation of post-doctoral African scholars interested in carrying out advanced research on any aspect of the African social reality, historical or contemporary.

The programme is open to candidates from all disciplines of the Social Sciences and Humanities. Through the programme, support is offered to scholars interested in charting new research directions or extending on-going research to new heights, the expectation being that this will contribute immensely to enriching the state of knowledge about different aspects of the historical and contemporary experiences of Africa. Candidates are free to determine the theme on which they wish to work and to specify their preferred methodology for doing so. In identifying candidates whose applications should be supported, emphasis will be placed on the potential for their proposals to lead to the production of new/original insights. The fellowships will be awarded to cover a period of one year, at the end of which a report of publishable quality shall be submitted for evaluation. Each report is expected to be between 50,000 and 80,000 words long and if accepted for publication will be included in the CODESRIA Book or Monograph Series.

It is especially intended for the young generation of African scholars post-doctoral (Ph.D. holders) who wish to conduct thorough research on any aspect of African social reality.

This program is open to candidates from all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. It supports scholars interested in charting new research directions or expand research areas already explored, in order to enhance the level of knowledge on different aspects of historical and contemporary experiences of Africa.

Candidates are free to choose the topic of their choice and specify the methodology they wish to adopt. During the process of selecting candidates, emphasis will be on originality, innovative ideas contained in the proposals.

The scholarships will be awarded over a period of one year from the end of which successful candidates must submit a report of 50,000 to 80,000 words, which, if accepted for publication will appear in the series Monographs CODESRIA.

For 2007, the Council awarded ten grants of up to 10 000 USD each.

Prize for Doctoral Theses

This program is a CODESRIA initiative launched in 2002 which aims to encourage research at postgraduate level in Africa.

It offers three annual prizes for the best theses produced on the continent.

Winners of Small Grants Program CODESRIA are encouraged to participate in the competition for the award of these prizes, but the initiative does not limit itself to them as all postgraduate students involved in social research are encouraged to enter the competition.

The granting process is managed by an independent jury of eminent researchers.



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