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The joint trans-national WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme is designed to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of Europe’s forest sector and forest-based industry by developing knowledge-based and sustained cooperation between different actors – the forestry sector and forest-based industry, the wood material research community and funding organizations – in the area of wood material science enabling the development of new innovative, eco-efficient, cost-competitive products, processes and services.

Joint Call 2013-2017 (JC4)

The 4th Call for joint European research projects within the WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme was launched in spring 2013 under the ERA-NET Plus Scheme of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission. The call for pre-proposals resulted in 80 proposals, and 33 proposals were asked to submit a full proposal. After the judgement of an international Expert Panel, in November 2013 the WoodWisdom-Net+ Steering Committee selected 23 projects for funding.

Most projects are focusing on research issues related to Theme 3 “Value added products” (10), Theme 2 “Industrial processes” (7), and Theme 4 “Competitive customer solutions” (5), while only one proposal stated that its main thematic research area is under Theme 1 “Sustainable management of forest resources”. However, all proposals indicated that their research is connected to more than just one of the listed research areas.

Below the projects listed under the call topic areas (as prioritized by each proposal) with a brief summary on each.

A copy of all project descriptions updated for the final conference in Edinburgh in April 2017 is available here.

Theme 1  – Sustainable management of forest resources

Theme 2 – Industrial processes

Theme 3 – Value added products

Theme 4 – Competitive customer solutions



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