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Campus France is responsible for encouraging foreign student and researcher mobility to France. To this end, the agency sets up many scholarship programmes, from the publication of calls for applicants to the reception in France of the beneficiaries of the programme.

Campus France also supervises the departure of French experts abroad and the arrival and reception of foreign dignitaries or experts in France. African students are very interested in coming to France. To develop their interest, Campus France is increasing the number of scholarship programmes and events promoting French higher education.

Campus France provides foreign students and researchers with the tools to learn more about the French institutes of higher education and find what they are looking for.

Campus France also assists French institutes of higher education and research bodies in their international development strategy. The training available from French educational institutes is promoted via several of Campus France’s tools and actions:

  • on its site with the DegreesFieldsInstitutes and Welcome files;
  • through the online catalogues listing the Bachelor’sMaster’s and Doctoral degrees, and the programmes provided in English in France;
  • during activities organised in France and abroad in collaboration with the Campus France offices located abroad;by integrating, in the institutes, students who have received scholarships financed by the French government or through agreements

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