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The Pan-African University (or Pan African University) (PAU) is a post-graduate training and research network of university nodes in five regions, supported by the African Union. The new organization is also supported by the Association of African Universities.

The PAU aims to provide the opportunity for advanced graduate training and postgraduate research to high-performing African students. Objectives also include promoting mobility of students and teachers and harmonizing programs and degrees.

The Pan African University addresses five crucial thematic areas, through a network of five flagship institutes, namely Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation; Life and Earth Sciences (including Health and Agriculture), Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences; Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate Change); and Space Sciences. The thematic areas are assigned to institutes hosted by existing Universities of excellence across Africa’s five geographic regions as follows

When fully deployed, each PAU thematic institute will be linked to ten Satellite Centers with complementary thematic specializations, inter- and trans-disciplinary programs. At full operational capacity, the PAU will incorporate 50 centers of excellence under its five academic hubs across Africa.

PAU offers full scholarships to all students enrolled into its programmes following a competitive admissions process. Calls for scholarship applications are issued and widely disseminated by the Rectorate and students apply online.

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West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa

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Algeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa

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