Lagos Conference 2024

AIT Swiss – Africa Annual Conference Lagos 2024



Theme: “Challenges of Growth”

Date: 28 and 29 February 2024 – Registration

Hosts: University of Lagos (UniLag) / University of Ibadan (UI) / University of Basel: International Office

Main Venue: Campus UniLAG, University of Lagos, University Road Lagos Mainland Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

Program: Lagos Conference 2024

Rewatch the entire conference online: YouTube UniLag


Winners AIT SASBI Lagos Spring Conference 2024



Almost 90 full proposals reached us in November 2023. Start-up companies from fields reaching from Biotech to Agri-, Fin-, Edu- and Health Tech competed for the 20 slots available. The 20 selected start-ups presented their companies at the AIT Conference in Lagos on Wednesday, 28 February. All of them delivered an outstanding performance. At the end of the day, the evaluators selected 12 of the companies to travel to Switzerland at the end of May to take part at the Swiss Residency Week.

Congratulations from the whole AIT Swiss-Africa team, we look forward to your visit.

Source: All Photos from Commercium Africa (Fotolight)


AIT SWISS African Science & Business Innovators Program

Frank Eggman: #startup COMPETITION 🥇 🏆 - the winners will travel to 🇨🇭hashtag#switzerland ! Today at the SWISS - AFRICA (AIT) hashtag#academia / hashtag#industry hashtag#training annual conference 2024 in hashtag#lagos , the uncontested hashtag#businesshub of Nigeria 🇳🇬 With the University of Lagos , University of Basel and University of Ibadan , innovative minds 💡from hashtag#education institutions, hashtag#startup and hashtag#entrepreneurs explore synergies and foster hashtag#global collaboration Erich Thaler Stephan A. Hofer Folasade Tolulope Ogunsola Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA

Precious Isola: Last week, I had the honor of serving as a member of an evaluation panel in my capacity as a business developer. The panel judged the 20 startups (available @ ) from #Nigeria, 🇳🇬 #Rwanda, 🇷🇼 and #South Africa 🇿🇦 pitching for a residency stay in Switzerland 🇨🇭 during the AIT(#Academia-#Industry #Training) Swiss-Africa Science and Business Innovators Conference that held in the University of Lagos on the 28th and 29th of February. I'm thankful to Erich Thaler, Senior Manager Global Partnerships, University of Basel for the opportunity. I got to engage with other great minds and thought leaders on the panel: Simone Stuerwald, Karen Eksteen, Stephan A. Hofer, and Pauline Koelbl. I am grateful to Dorina Kühner, Adrian F. Meyer, and Melina Gosdschan for their timely support. Once again, congratulations to all the 12 startups coming to Switzerland 🇨🇭 - De Novo Foodlabs TY-DAMI ENERGY RESOURCES Dr. Cornelius Ssemakalu (Iraka Biotech) Nanosene (Pty) Ltd Newform Foods Algaeholix (Pty) Ltd Urobo Biotech Loopa Prof. Keo Shirley Motaung (Global health biotech) LenoKids (Pty) Ltd Evet Inc MedSol AI Solutions Notable Mentions: Frank Eggmann, Consul General of Switzerland, Prof Folasade Tolulope Ogunsola - VC Unilag, Professor Adebisi Sunday Abayomi - DVC, Professor Oyedunni Arulogun - Director CEI, Unibadan, Dr Oladimeji Jamiu Odetunde, Bukola Amao-Taiwo (Ph.D) University of Lagos University of Ibadan University of Basel Technology Innovation Agency #AITSASBI #2024SASBIConference #startup #pitchcompetition #switzerland #nigeria #southafrica #rwanda

Thanks to God Almighty. I successfully hosted the AIT-Swiss Academic and Business Incubators Conference in UNILAG from Feb 28-29, 2024 giving our visitors from Switzerland & across Africa the best treat of the Nigerian Cuisine and culture. A great project where we already discovered 12 amazing African Startups that have great solutions capable of solving African problems and can also scale across the world. They shall be bootcamping in Switzerland for two weeks in May to connect with their peers across the world and also study the great Entrepreneurship and Innovation success of Switzerland that ranked it as the No 1 most innovative and enterprise oriented nation of the world for 11 consecutive years. They will also be able to meet with the Swiss business community for possible collaboration and venture capital investment. This is a lifetime opportunity that the collaboration of our Institution with the University of Basel and Switzerland Government alongside UI has offered African Youth. We are resolute in the University of Lagos to promote Enterprise and Innovation Ecosystem that will make Africa unified to create sustainable solutions under the leadership of our amiable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Folasade Ogunsola, OON, FAS. Thanks to the Swiss Government and the Consular General of Swiss in Lagos Mr. Frank Eggmann for attending the opening ceremony. Thanks to my Team at the ESDC for believing in this vision to change the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem of Nigeria from UNILAG by our quality partnership across the world to bring scalable opportunities to the doorstep of the youth of Nigeria and Africa. University of Lagos University of Basel Erich Thaler Folasade Ogunsola UNILAG VC

Simone Stührwald: On February 28th and 29th, the AIT Swiss-Africa Annual Conference, hosted by AIT Swiss - African Science and Business Innovators (SASBI), took place in Lagos, Nigeria at the University of Lagos, in collaboration with the University of Ibadan. 🌍🎓 As part of the jury, we had the privilege of selecting 12 teams out of 20 participating startups from South Africa, Nigeria, and Rwanda. These teams will embark on a residency week in Switzerland in May, immersing themselves in the business and innovation landscape. It was inspiring to witness the high motivation and quality presentations from the startups. My heartfelt congratulations to the winners! 🏆🚀 Link: I also had the honor of speaking alongside my colleague Dr. Kolawole Olonade on Innovation and Economic Development in the Construction Sector, highlighting the opportunities for collaboration between businesses and universities in innovation development. 💡🏗️ A big thank you to Erich Thaler and his team for making this event possible year after year, and to Professor Adebisi Sunday Abayomi and the team at #UniLag for hosting this year's event. 🙏👏

Karen Eksteen: Congratulations to the 12 entrepreneurs selected to attend the Swiss Residency programme. Very proud that 9 of the 12 entrepreneurs are from South Africa, all from biotech and edtech sector. Huge thank you to the University of Basel as the leading house for the programme and to the Technology Innovation Agency for the support to the entrepreneurs. Thank you Vuyisile Phehane for your support.

 Erich Thaler: Exciting news to see all these high-quality start-ups come to Basel! Thx hashtag#Innocircle for playing such a decisive role in preparing and accompanying the careers of so many of them. #AITSwissAfrica #SwissResidencyWeek




Evet Africa

Entrepreneur: Stephen Obe

Evet Africa is a digital animal healthcare startup that increases access to animal healthcare diagnostics for farmers and veterinarians in Nigeria. We have built a AI powered diagnostic app that automatically detects diseases in farm animals using their images and historical data and provide farmers and veterinarians treatment recommendations real time. Invariably our solution is making it ten times faster and easier for these farmers to access animal healthcare, keep their farm animals healthy and ultimately improve their profit returns.

Student Paddy


Entrepreneur: Taiwo Yussuf

TY-DAMI ENERGY RESOURCES is a Climate Tech startup pioneering the future of refrigeration by integrating cooling with carbon capture. We are solving the problem of food insecurity by developing a refrigerator that can last up to 7 days of extended cooling without batteries while using captured CO2 as refrigerant.



Entrepreneur: Ghislain Dukuze

Loopa is at the forefront of sustainable cleantech, revolutionizing organic waste management with cutting-edge vermicomposting technology. Our innovative approach integrate Internet of Things (IoT) technology to create smart composting systems, ensuring efficient and ec0-friendly ecomposition of organic waste. Our vermicomposting facility not only diverts substantial amounts of organic waste from landfills but also produce high-quality organic fertilizers through a natural process.

South Africa:


Entrepreneur: Helene Nel

Algaeholix manufactures microalgae biomass and extract astaxanthin and beta-carotene from different species and supply these as antioxidants. Algaeholix also cultivates Chlorella species as a purified plant-based protein product. Algaeholix aim to contribute to establishing a microalgae industry for South Africa.


De Novo Foodlabs

Entrepreneur: Leah Wilson Bessa

De Novo Foodlabs is a cutting-edge biotech start-up that is transforming the nutrition industry. Through the utilisation of microbial fermentation, De Novo’s technology platform enables the production of nutrients that were traditionally unsustainable, difficult or impossible to obtain. This allows for new product innovation and contributes to the improvement of the health of the population and the planet.

Global Health Biotech

Entrepreneur: Shirley Keolebogile Caroline Motaung

Global Health Biotech has developed two products from medicinal plants: Natural anti-inflammatory ointment named La- Africa Soother (LAS) and Plant Based Morphogenetic Factor Implants (PBMF. LAS, which helps relieve  muscle  and  joint  aches,  thus offering  athletes  and  sportspersons  an  alternative  natural  anti-inflammatory ointment. This is the first product of its kind aimed at preventative care, meaning that it is applied before  physical  activity  to  prevent  anticipated  muscle  aches,  as  well  as  after  the  physical  activity. Other products in the market are only applied after the physical activity and thus only focus on the curative aspect and not the preventative. This product, packaged in a green and white tube, is already available on the market.

Iraka Biotech

Entrepreneur: Cornelius Cano Ssemakalu

Iraka Biotech (IB) stands out in the one health arena, focusing on delivering bespoke animal health solutions in low and middle-income areas, particularly Africa. With an AI-based photonic bioreactor, they enable the immediate production of quality inactivated vaccines on-site. Their comprehensive disease surveillance system, informed by environmental and biological data, proactively identifies and mitigates disease risks. This strategic integration of rapid vaccine manufacturing and disease prediction underscores IB’s dedication to advancing animal health and public safety globally.


Entrepreneur: Sange Mafinyongwana

LenoKids is an innovative Gamified English Learning platform that addresses the problem of limited access to quality educational resources for young children. Our AI-Driven WhatsApp Chatbot platform offers interactive classes, games, storytelling, and handwriting activities to make learning enjoyable and engaging for kids aged 3-10 years. We bring a unique value by leveraging WhatsApp to offer affordable and accessible learning to all, creating an engaging and interactive learning experience for children through gamification, indigenous knowledge, and technology.

MedSol AI Solutions

Entrepreneur: Kathryn Malherbe

MedSol AI Solutions is an artificial intelligence solution for diagnostic imaging with a patient-centered outcome. Various AI systems with user-friendly, automated systems for radiologists / specialists of various fields, with an associated patient app to support the patient-doctor relationship. The patient app will be related to the service, for example, Breast AI with a patient emotional support app.


Entrepreneur: Gestél Kuyler

Nanosene is an innovative South African-based scientific research and development and manufacturing company that specializes in producing bespoke polymers crucial for solubilizing intact and functional membrane proteins in nanoscale discs, empowering researchers to unlock biologically active proteins for vital scientific and therapeutic advancements.

Newform Foods

Entrepreneur: Brett Thompson

Newform is spearheading the development of a bioplatform – combining novel engineering and food grade media development – to make cultivated animal products ready for pilot production within the next 24 months at price parity. Our licensed bioplatform reduces the barriers for the food and meat industry to future proof their protein production – accelerating their ability to shape tomorrow’s food landscape.

Urobo Biotech

Entrepreneur: Marthinus Wessel Myburgh

Urobo Biotech is a sustainability-oriented company that is focused on providing innovative solutions to the current rise in bioplastic waste. Our core offering revolves around enzymatic recycling of bioplastics specifically where they enter existing waste streams. We offer drop-in microbial and enzymatic processes to break down bioplastics in these settings and produce high-value fuels and chemicals from the bioplastic fractions.

Host: University of Lagos

The University of Lagos, founded in 1962, offers rigorous academic programs designed to prepare 60,000 students for success. With 80 undergraduate and 110 postgraduate degree options, as well as global research and study opportunities, they take pride in being the university of first choice. Their vision is to be a top-class institution for excellence in knowledge, learning, and research, coupled with a mission to create a conducive environment for teaching, research, and development that fosters intellectual competence and a commitment to adding value to the world.

Prof. Dr. Sunday A. ADEBISI

Prof. Dr. Sunday Abayomi ADEBISI is an Associate Professor in the Department of Business Administration, and also the Ag. Director, Entrepreneurship and Skills Development Centre, University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Co-Host: University of Ibadan

The University of Ibadan, founded in 1948 as Nigeria’s inaugural university, has transformed from a College of the University of London into a comprehensive institution with sixteen faculties and various academic units. Renowned for its postgraduate school, the university produces a significant number of master’s and Ph.D. graduates and hosts the Pan African University Life & Earth Sciences Institute. With a vision to be a world-class institution for academic excellence, the university actively contributes to Nigeria’s development through its alumni. The institution is guided by a mission to expand knowledge, produce graduates of character, contribute to societal transformation, and serve as a dynamic custodian of essential values to sustain integrity in its pursuit of an exciting future.

Prof. Dr. Oyedunni S. ARULOGUN

Prof. Dr. Oyedunni S. ARULOGUN is a foremost health promotion and education specialist with over 20 years of experience at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

The Academia – Industry Training for Swiss and African science-based entrepreneurs will convene major stakeholders from South Africa, Rwanda, Botswana, Nigeria, and Switzerland for its 3rd Annual Conference in Lagos, the uncontested business hub of Nigeria.

With a look into “Challenges of Growth”, the 2024 overarching theme for stakeholders and start-ups coming together for the Annual Conference, discussion and exchange of academics and practitioners will allow to zoom on success stories but also on major challenges that growing companies are facing on a daily basis.

Outcomes of these discussions will contribute to increase understanding of common needs in the world of company development and the same time strengthen the network of companies that form part of the AIT Swiss – Africa community.

Later in the year 2024, all companies from 2010 onwards will be invited to attend the AIT Swiss – Africa Alumni Meeting in South Africa for sharing good practice and for confirming an ever-growing network.

To tap into resources of the AIT Swiss – Africa program all company founders and owners are already invited to join the AIT Swiss – Africa WhatsApp group.

Swiss Residency Week 2024

All selected Startups will be given the opportunity to participate in the Swiss Residency Week from Sun 26th May to Tue 04th of June 2024.
During this 10-day stay in Switzerland, participants are offered a varied programme. The visit of the Startup days in Bern on 30th May 2024 will be one of the highlights this year. Find out more about the startup day now and watch the video from last year.

In addition the programme will include the visit of Swiss flagship institutions like EMPA, the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IGE.IPI), FH Ost, Innovation and Tech Transfer Offices and Impact Hubs.

Visit the program

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