Capacity building on sustainability, transparency and reporting according to the GRI Guidelines

Thematic Focus:
Governance and Accountability
Involved Countries:
Kenya, Swaziland, Uganda

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The plan is to set-up a research and training program in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania for representatives of local organizations to learn about sustainability, sustainable development, CSR, stakeholder engagement, transparency, good governance and sustainable supply chain practice , with a focus on sustainability reporting guided by the international guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The training program is certified by GRI which mean that training participant receives a certificate at the end of the 2-day training. Upon concluding the training, graduate are invited to join an online platform where experts from B&SD Business and Social Development GmbH can answer their question and which enables participant to continuously share experience and knowledge with expert but also amongst each other. This platform, therefore, encourages mutual learning triggering the change needed to reach organizational sustainability.

In this program B&SD Business and Social Development GmbH collaborate with the local organization eMJee, because of their local expertise and in order to anchor this research and training proposal into the local environment.

• Research on the local status of sustainability and transparency through reporting
• Establish partner hip with local partner eMJee (preliminary talk have already been carried out). Mr. Noordholland and his colleague of eMJee vi it B&SD Business and Social
Development GmbH in Zurich to kick-off the program and meet Dr. Perrin and the other Swiss experts
• Develop training material and have these certified by GRI
• Plan the training program for 2015

• Dr. Perrin travels to Africa twice, to conduct, with support of Mr. Noordholland, two trainings with 16 participants in each of the following countries: Kenya Uganda and Tanzania
• Explore conducting training in Cameroon, Ghana, Zambia, Mozambique and Senegal

• Conduct four training with 16 participants in each of the following countries : Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
• Conduct two training with 16 participants in Cameroon, Ghana, Zambia, Mozambique and Senegal
• Strengthen and expand the training program toward other African countries

-Irène Perrin, B&SD Business & Social Development GmbH, Zürich
-Jozef Gabriel Maria, Noordholland de Jong, eMJee Development Consult, 11 24 Chole Road, PO Box 14159 Dar es Salaam, Tansania