CosKin-Reveals the nature of your skin

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Digital Communication / ICTs, Life Sciences and Health
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Switzerland, EU

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CosKin is a Swiss company developing an ultra-fast skin analysis device, thanks to multi-spectral technology. This technology is active in the field of cosmetics, especially for the treatment of skin.


  1. Consumers of cosmetics product are deserting physical stores for the benefit of internet shopping.
  2. Many cosmetic products are on themarket, which allows to improve some properties of the skin. Today, it is difficult for seller to prove the cosmetic products efficiency to the customers.


CosKin offers a marketing service including the device that strengthens the process of selling cosmetics. His device is connected to a database that allows to save and to monitor skin parameters. This database can be accessed from another instrument or directly by the customer on the internet. It is naturally protected and encrypted so that it can only be consulted by the customer. This service builds long-lasting relationships with customers.


CosKin has developed an embedded system that acquires multiple images in less than three seconds; it is easy to use and the device gives results very quickly. Each of these images are obtained by illuminating the skin with a different wavelength. The greatest advantage is that it obtains more comprehensive information from deeper skin layers than a traditional camera.


Competitive devices are today mainly Asian-type products with a high cost for
unproven performance. The company CosKin offers an instrument at the equivalent cost of competition, but with significantly better performance as used today in dermatology.


Cosmetics stores are going to use CosKin device. Several strategies are being considered to reach the stores. The main strategy is to sell the device directly to the cosmetic brands. In fact, they can distribute the system at the points of sale Through this channel. Cosmetic stores are present all around the world. So, CosKin targets the international market.  On an organizational level, CosKin will start its activities in Switzerland then in Europe before spreading to other continents. The cosmetics market (international) represents an annual revenue of 250 billion dollars (estimation).