DIY Solar Lamps

Thematic Focus:
Agriculture, Biodiversity and Sustainability, Life Sciences and Health
Involved Countries:
Cameroon, Ethiopia, Tanzania

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Currently, 44% of the over 100 million Ethiopian people have access to
electricity while 56% of them risk their health by using traditional energy
sources. Studies conducted by the World Bank shows that electrification is
directly related to literacy rates in developing countries.
But technology is not the only obstacle, the other major problem is a lack of
good information about solar energy. Often people (especially in rural areas)
have never heard of solar energy or what they have heard is wrong, which
can hinder progress as it’s hard to go against popular beliefs.


Our solution will not only provide electricity in a cost-effective way for local
populations but also educate the youth about the benefit of green energy.
Teaching kids how to build a low-cost solar lamp that uses small solar panel
to convert energy from the sun, store it in a battery and use it to power a LED
bulb will not only teach them the fundamentals of electronics, renewable
energy and sustainability through hands-on approach but it will also provide
them a lamp they can use to study at night.


The product itself is composed of 6 high-quality components: 0.5 Watt solar
panel, diode, resistance, LED bulb, three-pin on-on switch, red and blue wires. A
perfect 0.5 Watt lamp. The materials are cost-effective and can be found
locally, but the real value is in the training. Children will not only assemble
their lamp, but they will learn the basics of electronics and renewable energy.


A pilot project has been completed last year in Senegal with 220+ children
participating in our training class with a hundred lamps built. DIY Solar
Lamps is a non-profit organization, we partner with corporates, governments
programs, and NGOs. Our goal is to make this project self-sustainable, and
we are currently seeking local partners in Ethiopia.