Evodrop AG

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Thematic Focus:
Agriculture, Biodiversity and Sustainability
Involved Countries:
Switzerland, South Africa

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Evodrop AG from Zurich specializes in delivering water solutions that address a wide range of concerns, ensuring access to clean, healthy water for individuals, animals, and plants. The innovations cover diverse settings, including homes, workplaces, hospitality, and agriculture. Central to thier offerings are three internationally registered patents. A nano-membrane in the EVOdrink water filter filters 614 pollutants, a rotating nozzle in the second patent prevents biofilms and deposits and the third patent, EVOagri + EVOhygien, provides pesticide-free plant watering and eco-friendly virus and bacteria elimination. Evodrop AG is committed to transforming water management for sustainability across sectors.
The Owner and Head of Research and Development is Fabio Hüther. Evodrop was one of the selected Start-ups in 2020.