Gaia Tech AG

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Agriculture, Biodiversity and Sustainability, Life Sciences and Health
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Gaia Tech, an emerging ETH Spin-off company resulting from the research project ‘Phenoliva,’ financed by EIT Food and hosted at ETH Zurich, specializes in decentralized treatment and valorization of agricultural side-streams. Leveraging proprietary extraction technology, Gaia Tech transforms residues from the agrifood industry, particularly olive sidestreams, into high-value ingredients for cosmetics, food, and feed manufacturers. Their approach ensures full circularity by generating biogas, promoting soil health, and producing biochar, all while delivering a fair economic return for the primary sector. Recognized for its environmental friendliness and efficiency, Gaia Tech’s modular and scalable technologies unlock valuable resources and contribute to sustainable resource management in the agrofood sector. Claudio Reinhard is the Co-founder and participated in the program 2022.