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Agriculture, Biodiversity and Sustainability, Digital Communication / ICTs
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The Problem: Access to affordable credit

Over 90% of the sub-Saharan Africa’s 48 million smallholder farmers lack access to formal credit.
Less than 6% of commercial loan recipients are smallholder farmers.

Source: FAQ
In Kenya, only about 10% of smallholder farmers have access to formal credit with women farmers receiving less than 5%.

The Solution
Affordable Credit:

The farmers access credit on input and production costs that is only recovered after successful sale of commodities and profit making.  This is better than the 35% p.a being charged by MFIs.

Better returns for the sponsors:

The sponsors have the opportunity to earn up to 20% p.a on their investments which is much better than the 8% and 12% which banks and government bonds offer respectively.

Market Access

Farmers are guaranteed of selling their produce and the buyers have a consistent supply and good quality produce.