Inocul8 – Inoculated, Protected, Safe.

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In Africa over half a million people including adults and children die from vaccine preventable diseases:
such as pneumonia, rota virus, hepatitis B, cervical cancer, typhoid fever,
amongst others, due to limited access to vaccination services,
resulting in an annual economic burden estimated at $13 billion.

Barriers to vaccination services:

– Difficulty accessing vaccination services due to clients too busy
to visit the hospital and wait long queues to get tested and vaccinated.
– Clients schedules not aligning with hospital vaccination clinic days.
– Unavailability of required vaccine at public healthcare facilities.
– Hospitals not reminding clients of their next vaccination


Inocul8 is a mobile on-demand vaccination clinic service platform that takes vaccination and screening services to clients at their comfort, offering a prompt, flexible, and convenient service while ensuring our clients are healthy, protected, and safe from vaccine preventable diseases. We also offer last mile delivery of vaccines to facilities in urban and rural health facilities on demand.