MPOWER VENTURES – eMPowering local entrepreneurs as the major driving force of solar energy in emerging markets

Thematic Focus:
Agriculture, Biodiversity and Sustainability, Digital Communication / ICTs
Involved Countries:
Switzerland, Cameroon, Togo, Zambia

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MPower is a tech4impact venture tackling the challenges of energy access and financial inclusion in emerging markets. As local SMEs are key to the socioeconomical development of these countries, MPower creates a B2B platform to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs: We provide turnkey solutions for local partners to finance and deploy affordable clean energy to households & SMEs. This allows them to focus on sales, while MPower’s solution – backed up by our innovative software – help them scale.

Context & opportunity

Abundant solar resources in emerging markets, coupled with declining prices
for solar technology, make solar the predestined alternative to fossil fuel
energy products. In spite of this trend, penetration of solar power in
emerging markets is still low. Local distribution businesses face several
challenges to scale their solar businesses, such as:
• Access to affordable and high quality solar products
• Inefficient operations caused by limited digitization and business expertise
• Expensive financing and limited access to capital to purchase technology
Our solution

Following a B2B partnership approach, MPower supplies and finances solar-
powered products to households & SMEs via a network of local distribution partners.

To our partners – MPower’s customers- we offer:
High quality hardware Plug&Play affordable solar products and efficient appliances for off-grid and on-grid segments.

Software & Data solution

Full digital business
solution, including operations, finance, end-user credit ratings and analytics for reducing end-users’ default risk

Financing solutions
Innovative financing solutions for partners and consumers (e.g. lease-to- own) coupled with credit risk mechanisms

Our unique value proposition
• Revenue: our offer empowers local distributors to incorporate new technologies, expand their existing client base and spread into new client segments
• Digitization: full digitization of operations, payment flows and CRM allows for efficiency and rapid scalability
• Access to cost-effective financing: we provide financing solutions, which is the key leverage to scale sales
• Partnerships: we forge partnerships with microfinances, civil servants organizations and large corporations to implement innovative payment schemes to further mitigate risk

Funding will be used for software development and market expansion.
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