Securaxis SA

Thematic Focus:
Digital Communication / ICTs, Mobility and Migration
Involved Countries:
Switzerland, South Africa

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Securaxis turns sound into actionable insights for monitoring and exploitation of urban sound to improve cities’ operations while saving money and to answer citizens’ worries about privacy and sustainability. By combining acoustic, AI and IoT, we propose the future of noise management. Current focus is on road traffic noise as 80% of noise pollution in a city is originating from road traffic. For applications such as real time noise monitoring for urban and infrastructure planning (noise mapping), traffic monitoring (ITS), dynamic road lighting, noise radar. Clients are OEM and system integrators active in city operations and traffic management. Our software solution SONAL” is ready to be integrated into third party solution. Business model is Saas and Haas. Glenn Meleder, the Co Founder & Owner, participated in the program 2020.