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Digital Communication / ICTs, Knowledge Production and Transfer, Life Sciences and Health
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Switzerland, Nigeria

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Tyncbest Biotechnology is established primarily for the research and product developments of medical devices.
At the heart of this company, the product development of devices is accomplished by invention and simplified by innovation.


Meningitis is a potentially deadly inflammation of the brain and spinal cord that can cause death and disability in a
matter of hours. Every year over 1 million people worldwide are affected by meningitis. It is one of the infectious
diseases that is diagnosed by analysis of Cerebrospinal fluid.
Hitherto, the use of current methods for Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis leads to a lot of difficulties and notable
limitations. When manual approach is employed by microscopy, apart from sufficient practical experience
required, it is time consuming and may constitute an intractable delay in emergency diagnosis. Besides, when the
improvised automated analyzers are used, it may not meet the time and quality requirements. Moreover, when
polymerase chain reaction is engaged, it is absolutely inadequate. Therefore, the overall objective of this project is
to overcome these problems by development of Cerebrospinal Fluid Analyzer.


Technology and Product


Within this project, Tyncbest Biotechnology in conjunction with Microfluidic Chip Shop,Jena,
Germany aim to develop first of its kind point of care testing device for Cerebrospinal fluid analysis. On this
premise, subject of the overall project is realization of a cerebrospinal fluid analyzer system consisting of a
consumable – lab-on-a-chip device – and an instrument for the control of the consumable and the detection and
read-out of the reaction carried out on chip and characteristics of the sample fluid itself. The sample material is
liquor. The liquor of 0.1 ul will be inserted with a pipette on the consumable. The system will measure pressure,
color, red and white blood cell count, glucose, and overall protein concentration. This allows for example the
identification of meningitis and the differentiation between different causes of the disease.

Technology Outline:

Detection means of the different characteristics of the liquor can be the following:
1. Cell sorting and optical counting of the differently sized red and white blood cells. The cells might be stained for
example with fluorescence dye.
2. Color by colorimetric measurement
3. Glucose by electrochemical sensors
4. Protein by absorption measurement at 280 nm.

The microfluidic chip aimed to be:

(i) cheap with a disposable plastic chip,
(ii) small (easy to handle manually),
(iii) fully-automated (iv) fast and reliable (results are expected within 30 minutes).


Tyncbest Biotechnology seeks exit from its developed and patented technology through licensing worldwide.

Adeyemo Dayo participated in the program 2020.