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e-traid gmbh

e-traid gmbh facilitates global market access for SMEs through e-commerce, offering services that range from onboarding to shipping coordination. With a focus on key B2C marketplaces, the clientele includes private and public export development organ…

Last Modification: 24. November 2023

4bridges GmbH

4bridges is a company based in St. Gallen. The holding company 4cash enhances micropayments with cryptocurrencies, focusing on B2B. Through the subsidiary 4bridges, they provide a seamless API, enabling retail customers to pay in bitcoin, with the re…

Last Modification: 23. November 2023


Risklick, a company based in Bern, pioneers AI solutions for clinical trial risk analysis. The data-driven tool empowers biopharma companies, CROs, and hospitals to identify similar trials and assess risks early in protocol design. With a focus on re…

Last Modification: 23. November 2023

NG Trail

Trail NG is a Nigeria-based ed-tech startup company that has created a platform enabling companies to identify skills gaps in their employees. The owner is Mr Mubarak Lawal of the University of Ibadan. Winner of the AIT-SASBI Spring Conference 2023.

Last Modification: 23. November 2023


UMbalabala Education Toolkit is a collection of novel methods and apparatuses for making learning, teaching and assessment easy. Especially for Foundation Phase of education. The educational toolkit uses pedagogical methods to enhance the learning of…

Last Modification: 7. July 2023

Mutware Educate

Mutware Educate is an Edtech start-up company from Rwanda that aims to boost education from traditional to digital learning. They provide an education platform with curriculum-based engaging content for nursery students and adults’ self-paced learnin…

Last Modification: 2. June 2023


Problem Research indicates that currently 69% of dermatologists are over 50 years old in Germany (Kis et al., 2017). It can be assumed that in 15 years there will be an undersupply of practicing dermatologists which implies inadequate medical care. T…

Last Modification: 24. May 2023

Developing an Online Teaching Course on Urban Food Systems

Dr. Lena Bloemertz, Physical Geography and Environmental Change, University of Basel, Switzerland Dr. Alex Awiti, Vice Provost East Africa and Interim Dean of The Graduate School of Media and Communications, Aga Khan University, Nairobi The aim of th…

Last Modification: 11. September 2020

Internet-based teaching to improve patient & health-care provider interaction in chronic diseases

International education project: Establishment of an internet-based teaching instrument using annotated videos and web-based supervision to improve patient & health-care provider interaction in chronic diseases Wolf Langewitza MD, Christof Daetwy…

Last Modification: 11. September 2020

IcanFarm – Kilimo ni Mali

The Problem: Access to affordable credit Over 90% of the sub-Saharan Africa’s 48 million smallholder farmers lack access to formal credit. Less than 6% of commercial loan recipients are smallholder farmers. Source: FAQ In Kenya, only about 10% of sma…

Last Modification: 17. April 2020

TyphGen – A rapid test for typhoid fever

Why a test for typhoid fever • 20 million cases of typhoid fever are registered annually. Majority of the cases involve children from low-income countries. • Contributes 36% of all fever-related illnesses in Uganda. • Diagnosis is difficult, with the…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020

Tyncbest Biotechnology:

About Us: Tyncbest Biotechnology is established primarily for the research and product developments of medical devices. At the heart of this company, the product development of devices is accomplished by invention and simplified by innovation. Proble…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020

Soso Care: My Healthcare and I

About Soso Care: is a social enterprise that aims to use garbage as a financial resource to enable millions of uninsured slum dwellers especially pregnant women and kids to access micro health insurance as well as micro capital for petty trade. Our P…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020

Pennysmart – Next generation bank for African millennials.

One Line Pitch: Next generation bank for African millennials. Business Summary: Pennysmart is the next generation digital bank that helps Ghanaians save anytime, anywhere with no cost. We are a Tier-4 Operator under Bank of Ghana rules and regulation…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020

Inocul8 – Inoculated, Protected, Safe.

Problem In Africa over half a million people including adults and children die from vaccine preventable diseases: such as pneumonia, rota virus, hepatitis B, cervical cancer, typhoid fever, amongst others, due to limited access to vaccination service…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020


About Us eTrash2Cash (eT2C Company Nigeria) is the first of its kind social enterprise in northern Nigeria, which embodies the use of technology to solve environmental problems in the low-income communities. Its web, mobile app and SMS platform helps…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020

MPOWER VENTURES – eMPowering local entrepreneurs as the major driving force of solar energy in emerging markets

MPower is a tech4impact venture tackling the challenges of energy access and financial inclusion in emerging markets. As local SMEs are key to the socioeconomical development of these countries, MPower creates a B2B platform to empower the next gener…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020

Enable | Digital

Problem Enable has identified a significant problem in a highly underserved market: IT solutions for impact ventures in emerging markets.  In order to access the market, Enable has developed both a set of innovative technologies as well as a solid pr…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020

CosKin-Reveals the nature of your skin

CosKin is a Swiss company developing an ultra-fast skin analysis device, thanks to multi-spectral technology. This technology is active in the field of cosmetics, especially for the treatment of skin. PROBLEM Consumers of cosmetics product are desert…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020


CommoChain is a web-based solution that allows Coffee Exporters to better track their samples and manage exporting documents. It delivers efficiency & traceability benefits to ultimately provide best coffee to clients. Pains for Coffee Exporters…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020

chiweto – Enhancing farmers farm production efficiency & livelihood through MobileTech solutions

Business Description We provide cow performance status diagnostic mobile phone app., information and insurance services to livestock farmers. Our services help farmers increase efficiency in detecting animals a high risk of nutrition and health probl…

Last Modification: 15. April 2020

Information for international PhD Candidates

Doctoral Studies Before you begin the online application, please note the following: Degree programs An overview of the doctoral studies offered by the various faculties can be found in the information sheet: Doctoral studies issued by the specific f…

Last Modification: 12. December 2017

Developing joint research proposals in media & communication in various topics, e.g. “effectiveness of farmer communication”

“The Sabbatical of Christoph Spurk is used to develop various research proposals jointly with Kenyan researchers (Prof. Wambui Kiai and Dr. George Nyabuga) and make them ready for submission to donors. The idea is also to establish research cooperati…

Last Modification: 11. December 2016

Virtual doctoral school for the field of interpreting/multilingual communication in Africa

This project aims to develop a proof-of-concept for a Virtual doctoral school in the field of interpreting/multilingual communication between the Universities of Ghana (Accra), Nairobi and Geneva. Building on two pedagogical innovation projects in th…

Last Modification: 8. December 2016

Transition to e-only policies

The project aims at establishing links to African libraries in order to support common projects between the University of Basel and African universities. The supply with information is perceived as being a precondition for a fruitful collaboration in…

Last Modification: 8. December 2016

Strengthening Civil Registration & Vital Statistics (CRVS) Mozambique-Intro of New Approaches for Community-based Death Registration

ln low-income settings, such as in many Sub-Saharan African countries, CRVS systems are often weak. In fact, it is estimated that only 1% of the deaths in low-income countries are reported with information on causes of death. Given its multidisciplin…

Last Modification: 8. December 2016