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Boost Mechanics

Boost Mechanics, founded by Ipeleng Mathebula in 2014, is a South African-based hardware technology start-up specializing in automotive solutions. The company aims to tackle skyrocketing fuel costs by designing high-efficiency turbochargers that sign…

Last Modification: 22. July 2024

Securaxis SA

Securaxis turns sound into actionable insights for monitoring and exploitation of urban sound to improve cities’ operations while saving money and to answer citizens’ worries about privacy and sustainability. By combining acoustic, AI and IoT, we pro…

Last Modification: 19. April 2024

Inocul8 – Inoculated, Protected, Safe.

Problem In Africa over half a million people including adults and children die from vaccine preventable diseases: such as pneumonia, rota virus, hepatitis B, cervical cancer, typhoid fever, amongst others, due to limited access to vaccination service…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020


CommoChain is a web-based solution that allows Coffee Exporters to better track their samples and manage exporting documents. It delivers efficiency & traceability benefits to ultimately provide best coffee to clients. Pains for Coffee Exporters…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020

Information for international PhD Candidates

Doctoral Studies Before you begin the online application, please note the following: Degree programs An overview of the doctoral studies offered by the various faculties can be found in the information sheet: Doctoral studies issued by the specific f…

Last Modification: 12. December 2017