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Inocul8 – Inoculated, Protected, Safe.

Problem In Africa over half a million people including adults and children die from vaccine preventable diseases: such as pneumonia, rota virus, hepatitis B, cervical cancer, typhoid fever, amongst others, due to limited access to vaccination service…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020


CommoChain is a web-based solution that allows Coffee Exporters to better track their samples and manage exporting documents. It delivers efficiency & traceability benefits to ultimately provide best coffee to clients. Pains for Coffee Exporters…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020

Information for international PhD Candidates

Doctoral Studies Before you begin the online application, please note the following: Degree programs An overview of the doctoral studies offered by the various faculties can be found in the information sheet: Doctoral studies issued by the specific f…

Last Modification: 12. December 2017