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Zaio, a South African startup company, offers an Online Learning Management System (LMS) with various learning journeys in coding education. Zaio also creates and delivers customized learning programs for companies to upskill their employees or aid t…

Last Modification: 23. November 2023

NG Trail

Trail NG is a Nigeria-based ed-tech startup company that has created a platform enabling companies to identify skills gaps in their employees. The owner is Mr Mubarak Lawal of the University of Ibadan. Winner of the AIT-SASBI Spring Conference 2023.

Last Modification: 23. November 2023


UMbalabala Education Toolkit is a collection of novel methods and apparatuses for making learning, teaching and assessment easy. Especially for Foundation Phase of education. The educational toolkit uses pedagogical methods to enhance the learning of…

Last Modification: 7. July 2023


Ileemore, a start-up company from Nigeria, is an AI-powered e-learning platform that helps Anglophone West Africa secondary school students prepare for matriculation examination through a dynamic pedagogy and learning analytics. The Co-founder and CE…

Last Modification: 7. July 2023

Smart Class

The start-up company Smart Class from Rwanda offers an online learning platform which aims to connect all Rwandan high school students learning similar academic subjects and provide them with access to valuable learning materials and high-quality tea…

Last Modification: 7. July 2023

Mutware Educate

Mutware Educate is an Edtech start-up company from Rwanda that aims to boost education from traditional to digital learning. They provide an education platform with curriculum-based engaging content for nursery students and adults’ self-paced learnin…

Last Modification: 2. June 2023

Ambani Africa

Ambani Africa is an award-winning South African EdTech company that specializes in educational products and services. They are a culture-centric and future-facing technology company that offers engaging solutions for the benefit of learners, parents,…

Last Modification: 2. June 2023

Vambo Academy

Vambo Academy, a South African startup company, provides tools and spaces for learners to explore, experience, and learn about African languages, cultures, traditions, people, and more at their own pace. Vambo Academy offers language learning and tra…

Last Modification: 2. June 2023

School-Community-Science Triangle Initiative

This project aims at innovating education for sustainable development in that it reorients teaching content towards what is defined as relevant and current by the community in which the project schools operate. Schools are linked to community needs,…

Last Modification: 11. January 2023

Traditional Medicine in Transition. Herbal Medicine as endangered living cultural heritage

Dr. phil. Jacqueline Grigo Religionswissenschaftliches Seminar Universität Zürich (ehemals Völkerkundemuseum Zürich) Dr. habil. Alexander Kocyan Institut für Pflanzen- und Mikorobiologie Botanisches Museum, Universität Zürich James Tumusiime, Moses K…

Last Modification: 11. September 2020

Incertitudes et capacités d’agir

Prof. Dr. Till Förster, Universität Basel Prof. Dr. Edouard Abé, Université Catholique de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, Burkina Faso   Depuis janvier 2019, l’Université Catholique de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, campus de Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, et l’Uni…

Last Modification: 11. September 2020

Tyncbest Biotechnology:

About Us: Tyncbest Biotechnology is established primarily for the research and product developments of medical devices. At the heart of this company, the product development of devices is accomplished by invention and simplified by innovation. Proble…

Last Modification: 16. April 2020

Global Enterprise Monitor: Exploratory Kick-off in Western Africa

The grant request helped to support a Swiss-Western African scientific workshop at the University of Ouagadougou 2, Burkina Faso, in spring 2015 for 3 full days. The scientific workshop was intended to gather Swiss scientists and Western African scie…

Last Modification: 30. December 2018

DASH Study (Disease, Activity and Schoolchildren’s Health)

The DASH study, or in full the Disease, Activity and Schoolchildren’s Health in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, is a joint research project between the University of Basel, Switzerland, the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel, Switzerla…

Last Modification: 25. October 2018

Information for international PhD Candidates

Doctoral Studies Before you begin the online application, please note the following: Degree programs An overview of the doctoral studies offered by the various faculties can be found in the information sheet: Doctoral studies issued by the specific f…

Last Modification: 12. December 2017

Valueworks: Effects of Financialization along the Copper Value Chain

Over the last 15 years, Switzerland has emerged as a major global commodity-trading hub. Swiss traders take an intermediary position in commodity chains; they connect markets, influence the pricing process and, unintentionally, change the life-worlds…

Last Modification: 13. January 2017

Drinking Deeply from Museum Work-Milk in Switzerland & Uganda: An international coop between museums in Uganda & Ethnographic Museum at University of Zurich

For around three decades, museum experts, curators and researchers have increasingly started to develop innovative strategies to challenge the violent historical burden and ideologies of colonial legacies inherent in museum collections. Against this…

Last Modification: 11. December 2016


Here we propose bioinformatics@makerere, a hands-on bioinformatics course at Makerere University of Kampala, Uganda. The course comprises lectures in the morning and computer practicals in the afternoon. It’s a four-day course targeted at 16 particip…

Last Modification: 11. December 2016

Decolonising Artistic Education Art

The Institute of Art Education at the Zurich University of the Arts seeks to develop a research collaboration with the Nagenda International Academy of Art & Design (NIAAD) in Uganda. Our plan is to kick-start our collaboration with a 24-month tw…

Last Modification: 8. December 2016

Missionary Scholarship & Development of Africanist Knowledge: Forging Cohabitation of Religious and Secular

The project focuses on missionary erudition in connection with the development of African studies embodied by the archives of Christian missionary societies that worked in Cameroon. While the entire project covers a period of three years, the kick-st…

Last Modification: 8. December 2016

Récit national et conception de la diversité dans les discours politiques au Sénégal et en Suisse. Vers des pratiques novatrices de gestion

Il nous paraît pertinent de choisir l’instrument « Exchange Visit », suite à une proposition du DrKalidou Seydou SY de l’Université Gaston Berger à St-Louis. Il souhaite mettre en place unecoopération inter-universitaire et une réflexion scientifique…

Last Modification: 8. December 2016

Re-Imagining African Cities. The Arts and Urban Politics

The workshop ‘Re-Imagining the African City: The Arts and Urban Politics’ invites established and junior scholars from Africa, the USA, the Middle East and Europe to spend two days of intense research exchange about their individual research and with…

Last Modification: 8. December 2016

CASB/ZASB – Centre for African Studies Basel

The Centre for African Studies Basel (CASB) coordinates Africa-related teaching and events at the University of Basel in cooperation with institutions outside the university. The CASB is the only institution in Switzerland offering a Masters and a Ph…

Last Modification: 28. June 2016

(Re)searching the Middle Class in Subsaharan Africa: A mulitdisciplinary Kick-off Workshop

Objectives 1: stimulate a local debate and knowledge exchange by bringing together a varied set of voices to the exploration of Kenya‘s middle class. 2: collecting data on the Kenyan middle-class, which includes personal stories, pictures, video-docu…

Last Modification: 9. June 2016

Ageing, Agency and Health in Urbanizing Tanzania

Project Management: Brigit Obrist; Obrist van Eeuwijk Persons involved Sandra Staudacher; Andrea Patricia Grolimund; Piet Van Eeuwijk Period Start: 01. Apr 2012 End 31. Jan 2016 Description The project ‘Ageing, Agency and Health in Urbanizing Tanzani…

Last Modification: 8. June 2016