Seminars Higher Education in the USA, France and Switzerland

The Higher Education and Research Global seminars invite postgraduate researchers (advanced master’s level, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers) for critical reflection about topics of Global Higher Education and the challenges of one’s own career trajectories. At the example of the US (Day 1), Switzerland (Day 2), and France (Day 3), seminar attendants gain a comparative overview and explore country specific mechanisms of career tutoring and career building. First-hand information is delivered by leading Higher Education experts from these countries. The Swiss and international composition of the classroom allows for indepth discussion with peers across disciplines and helps to embed one’s own career standpoint within a global academic landscape.

Participants interested in engaging further with the US and US doctoral researchers, will receive the opportunity, upon completion of the three seminar days and upon recommendation from the academic course leader in Basel, to attend the Global Seminar about Higher Education at the Steger Center for International Scholarship ( in Riva San Vitale (Ticino) on Tue 5th of June. For individual visits to the US and/ or further countries outside of Europe participants are encouraged to inquire about fundings with the International Offices of their respective universities. Travel costs to Strasbourg and to Basel will be covered for EUCOR – European Campus university members.

Last modified: 30. January 2018