REPIC – Renewable Energy, Energy and Resource Efficiency Promotion in Developing and Transition Countries


The Swiss REPIC program currently invites for proposal submission!

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, as well as planning uncertainties, the next REPIC submission deadline remains open (expected in summer 2020).

Please visit the external URL regularly for updates on the deadline.

The REPIC platform’s primary goal is:

to promote know-how and technology transfer of renewable energies, energy and resource efficiency in developing and transition countries

The application for project proposals to the REPIC Platform usually follows a two-stage procedure.

Project Outline provides the basic information, on which the REPIC Platform decides on whether or not it can consider this project for support. The decision to consider a project for support is made by the REPIC steering group. When the decision of acceptance for consideration is delivered, first recommendations for required changes in the project proposal are given.

Project Proposal has to be elaborated on for the decision of a financial contribution by the REPIC Platform. The REPIC Platform’s decision of support will be communicated and justified in written form and is definite.

The terms and conditions for project support by the REPIC Platform will be determined in a contract. The project documents are to be sent to the REPIC Secretariat. REPIC relevant proposals sent to the different governmental agencies involved will be transmitted to the REPIC Secretariat.


  • The target country must be a developing country or a transition country (countries benefitting from the Swiss contribution to European Union enlargement are excluded from REPIC financing).
  • The project must meet a local need.
  • The local beneficiaries must be clearly indicated and relevant to the project.
  • The Swiss know-how and technology transfer must be ensured.
  • The applicant or the project partner must be a Swiss organisation (businesses, NGOs, institutes, etc.) and have Swiss know-how expertise.
  • The project must be within the areas of renewable energies and/or energy- or resource efficiency.
  • The proposed solution must be need-oriented and be able to be implemented locally, independently and sustainably.
  • The project’s activities must be clearly defined and organized in a focussed and effective manner. 
  • The objectives, milestones and documents resulting from the project must be clearly defined and measurable.
  • The planned activities, schedules, deadlines and resources must be realistically feasible.
  • The project must lead to an economically viable solution.
  • The project must include a strategy and a clear approach for replication and multiplication following the end of REPIC support.
  • The project must aim at sustainable impacts in the medium-term.
  • The budget must be transparent, easily understandable and appropriate for the project.
  • Full financing of the project must be indicated. REPIC’s contribution shall not exceed 50% of the project cost or the maximum contribution amount of CHF 150,000.00

REPIC Platform Secretariat
c/o NET Nowak Energy & Technology Ltd.
Waldweg 8
CH-1717 St. Ursen
Phone: +41 26 494 00 30
Fax: +41 26 494 00 34



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1. July 2020
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