Webinar Series

SARECO Webinar Series 2021 SABII and SSABDP Alumni Webinars Participating in these webinars shall assist start-ups in bridging their current status of company development and link up to their start-ups’ ecosystems. Participation is restricted to alumni of the Swiss – African Business and Innovation Initiative SABII or the Swiss – South African Business Development Program […]

2019 Call for African Entrepreneurs

Get your Seat to go to Switzerland! The Venturelab Advanced Workshop will take place from 25th to 27th October 2019 in Addis Ababa. The Swiss – Africa Business Innovation Initiative (SABII) aims to boost the entrepreneurial know-how and exposure of Sub-Saharan Africa graduate-student-entrepreneurs seeking growth opportunities by offering a unique program bringing entrepreneurs to innovation […]

Lecture Series Basel/ Aesthetics from the Margins

Henri-Michel Yéré (University of Lausanne): If Language Could Speak The lecture series Aesthetics from the Margins (course no. 52040-01, 3 CP)<vorlesungsverzeichnis.unibas.ch/de/home?id=233478> proposes historical and theoretical inquiries into questions of sensual perception and world-making. By considering different aesthetic forms, media and practices – among them photography, literature, language, and the performing arts – participants will explore […]

Swiss – sub-Saharan Africa Business Development Program

  Bring your science based startup to next level!   Maximise the potential of your booming startup with a fast-track Afro-Swiss acceleration program. If you are an entrepreneur or a startup from an Sub-Saharan African innovation hub in the field of Mobile health, Pharmacometrics, Innovative Financing or Digital Humanities then join the Swiss Sub-Saharan business development program. If you think […]

Seminars Higher Education in the USA, France and Switzerland

The Higher Education and Research Global seminars invite postgraduate researchers (advanced master’s level, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers) for critical reflection about topics of Global Higher Education and the challenges of one’s own career trajectories. At the example of the US (Day 1), Switzerland (Day 2), and France (Day 3), seminar attendants gain a comparative […]